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FBС SHARKS-Imperial Club!
SHARKS-Imperial Club!!!!!

For the first time in the history of world floorball, a Club from Russia received the patronage of the oldest European monarchy.

On March 12, 2020, the Head of the Russian Imperial House, Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, took the sharks floorball Club (Saint Petersburg) under her patronage and granted the Sharks the title of the Imperial Club.

The tradition of support for sports from the monarchical houses of Europe has a long tradition, which was started in 1920 by king Alfons XIIII of Spain, when he took under his patronage the modest football Club of the city of Madrid, known today as the star real Madrid.

Subsequently, real joined Deportivo, Celta, real Valladolid, Belgian Anderlecht and some others. Positive attention to the monarchy always gives a powerful boost to the development and popularization of sports around the world.
The management of Akula FBC thanks E. I. V. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna for the high honor and trust.
We congratulate our players, friends, fans and all Russian floorball players on this wonderful event.

Together we are stronger!!!
19 Apr 2020
It seems that the "era of Sharks"has finally come to St. Petersburg
It seems that the "era of Sharks"has finally come to St. Petersburg.
In the R-League competition, the once-formidable and now almost toothless Neva was defeated. With an impressive score of 12: 2. And there is nothing to write.

I would like to be happy,but it became sad, and we realized our objective and long-term advantage. Being first in the village is not our way, we want to be leaders in the Olympics.

We are worried about our rivals and the drop in the level of floorball in our country.After all, we are not swindlers from the nffr, we are for fair sport, we are for fair play and healthy competition.
We will break through together.
2 Mar 2020
It's getting a little boring
With a big victory over the team "24 taste"- 15:2 "Sharks" already win the group stage of the League and from the first place go to the playoffs.

With today's game, the main team of the Club continues a multi-month winless series of games this and last years in the Championship and League games of St. Petersburg.
It's getting a little boring.

P.S. by the Way, starting with this game, the Club's teams play in a new and very cool form on which we did not forget to list all our partners and sponsors.

Join the leaders of Russian floorball - win together with the "Sharks"!
9 Feb 2020
Sunday ends and it's time to sum up the game results of the weekend
Sunday ends and it's time to sum up the game results of the weekend.

Let's start with the good news: the confident victory of The club's main team in the Leningrad region floorball Championship. Sharks - Gatchina -11: 2. No chance for rivals.

But it's bad for the second team.
The U2 Sharks are suffering their 2nd consecutive loss in R-League games. Today, the team played a truly disastrous game with the mid-League team "Avangard" losing 0:4.

It's time to think about changing the strategy, because there is a game ahead with "Turbobuilder" and then perhaps with the League favorites-the Vodokanal team. So far, the silver medalists of last season do not meet even the most restrained expectations of the Club's management. It's time to change something, it's time.
Carefully move on.
2 Feb 2020
It's time to sum up the big game day
Happy holiday everyone! And it's time to sum up the big game day. They were different.

"Black Sunday", a real upset was the game of "U2 Sharks" with the leaders of the R-League team "Vodokanal".

And it all started very well. The sharks quickly took the lead and in the first half the score showed 2: 0 in favor of our team. But then, something went wrong. Flanking attacks choked before they started, and mistakes by the defenders allowed the opponents to first level the score, and then win with the score 4: 2. We will improve.The second game of the main team of the Club against "Varyag" promised intrigue only in one thing - what will be the winning score?

The expectation was not deceived. Despite the persistent resistance of their opponents, the Sharks won 8: 5. And the score was opened and scored a hat-trick by FBC Sharks ' debutant-Boris Zakaraya! Congratulations and move on.
Together we are stronger!
19 Jan 2020
Creating a real Dream-Team
You know, the envious FBC Sharks often reproach the Club that in our proactive transfer policy aimed at creating a real Dream-Team, we often give preference to the archangels.

They say that when we collect large stones, we do not see small diamonds. This is not so, because our Club has representatives of almost all regions where floorball is played. There are hawks and Archangelsk, St. Petersburg and Karelia, Belarusians, residents of Kemerovo and Syktyvkar harsh. There is even (fortunately only one!) fans of "Spartacus". But from Gatchina, this oasis of the Leningrad desert, almost no one.

We decided to correct this shortcoming. Welcome to the ranks of the "Sharks" students of the Gatchina school floorball - Boris Zachariah!

Welcome on board!
26 Dec 2019
FBC SHARKS again sum up the results of the last games.
This Sunday, the FBC SHARKS again sum up the results of the last games.

3:2 in competitions of the championship of the Leningrad region, without excitement and anguish (well, how much can you?) The FBC SHAKRS beat the "Vikings". Carelessness in the game almost became a saving opportunity for opponents to equalize and reduce the game to a draw.

It became especially hot at the end of the third half, when the "Varangians" left the gate without a goalkeeper and rushed forward with a dream to avoid another, already familiar defeat.

However, the FBC SHARKS managed to repel the attack and keep the score. And Vitaly Dill is the way you pulled the bullet. Victory!
The next day "Sharks U2" responded to a daring challenge "Kronverkskih leopards".
8: 1 - this, almost a favorite expense team summed up in another round " R-League." The skin of a snow leopard at the team.

Thank you all, together we are stronger!
22 Dec 2019
FBC Sharks smash their rivals
Well, friends, Sunday is moving towards sunset and it's time to take stock of these long floorball weekend.
The Sharks played 3 games in the Leningrad region floorball Championship and R-League games in St. Petersburg.
35 goals in total scored against opponents and only 3 conceded.

15 Dec 2019
Sharks U2 lost to the team "Foxes" from Spbgasu.
You know, it often happens when a successful hunter has gone into a distant forest, shoot a big striped boar there and slowly returns home, and at this time thieving foxes make their way into his chicken coop.

So last Sunday, the Sharks U2, left without reserve, lost to the team "Foxes" from Spbgasu.

The few "Sharks" were not ready to resist the "Foxes"... without a goalkeeper. Yes, almost 2 times the Club played without a goalkeeper, who had to be replaced by an injured field player.But this does not justify defeat, we will improve.

We declare a Fox hunt!
8 Dec 2019
Friendly game with "PoNoVo"
"Sharks "return to St. Petersburg, having won in a friendly game the final victory over Finnish "PoNoVo" from Lappeenranta, 10: 5!

Thank you all, it was great!
7 Dec 2019
Sharks Become Winners of the ITSENAISYYSPAIVA CUP
This victory, friends!!!!

"Sharks" become winners of the international tournament ITSENAISYYSPAIVA CUP, dedicated to the independence Day in the category Challenge! 're taking the Cup in St. Petersburg!

The Sharks went the whole winning way without a single defeat, consistently beating the Finnish and Swedish teams that took part in this big floorball festival held in the capital of Finland.

6 Dec 2019
This Sunday, “Sharks” are summing up the past games.

This Sunday, “Sharks” are summing up the past games.

1:0, so ended the game “Sharks” with “Hurricane” in the Leningrad Region Floorball Championship. Such a small score is explained by the marvelous tactics of the opponent, who almost completely surrounded their own gates and kept such a “fence” throughout the game. But, as the water finds a hole, the Sharks found a weak shtaketin in defense.

A little later, in the R-League games, “U2 Sharks” defeated “Angry Pigs” with a score of 5:1. In this game, the impudent five juniors set the tone, creating many dangerous and productive moments at the gates of the rivals.

Thanks to all our players, fans and opponents for their great games.
Together we are stronger!
1 Dec 2019
Friendly game with the "Variag"
Remember in "The Tale of the Dead Princess": Who in the world is sweetest, blush and whiter than all ...?

Today, “Sharks” confidently answered another question: who is the boss in the house, who is the strongest team in St. Petersburg?

Friendly game with the "Variag" in a harsh format 3 for 20 minutes. clearly determined the winner with an expressive score of 15: 3 in favor of Sharks!

Nothing helped the “Variag”, even the tired third-level veterans of the “Sharks” with difficulty climbing over the sides did not leave serious hope for their opponents to change the score.
And the oncoming attacks of predators almost invariably ended in goals scored.

The real hero of the day was Andrey Chernyuk, the star of Sharks U2, who showed an excellent game in defense and effective outlets in the attack.

Thanks to all our players for a brilliant team game and rivals for decent resistance.
Together we are stronger!

25 Nov 2019
Daniel Luchkin, a pupil of the Arkhangelsk “Premier League” joins the stable ranks of “Sharks”!

Daniel Luchkin, a pupil of the Arkhangelsk “Premier League” joins the stable ranks of “Sharks”!

We are sure that with his game Daniel will strengthen the junior team of our Club and will help in solving the ambitious tasks facing the Sharks.

We will continue to support promising young floorball players who come to St. Petersburg, regardless of the illegal desire of the Arkhangelsk Regional Floorball Federation to restrict the rights of athletes.

Together we are stronger!

20 Nov 2019
FBC Sharks will take part in the tournament Itsenäisyyspäivä Cup
Is anyone depressed? Well, it's definitely " not sharks."

Just a few weeks later, the team of the club will take part in a major floorball tournament Itsenäisyyspäivä Cup (tournament dedicated to independence Day), which will be held on December 6, 2019 in the capital of Finland, the glorious city of Helsinki.
20 Nov 2019
Hack-trick, immediately three wins ended the weekend for our Club!
Hack-trick, immediately three wins ended the weekend for our Club!

The first, under the onslaught of “Sharks”, the student team of the Regional Agrarian University lost to us, the guys lost with a score of 8:1 in the next round of the Leningrad Region Floorball Championship.

The second victim was the Neva team. Once the formidable rivals of the "Sharks" did not even help the famous legionaries. Neva lost to Sharks in R-League games with a repeating score of 8:1.

And the second team of the Sharks U2 Club broke the GUAP team for an infinitely long time, throughout the game, which ended with an expressive 15:1 in favor of Sharks. Five juniors, changing with the Club veterans, tormented their confused rivals with special pleasure, competing in the number of goals scored.

That was the last weekend for Sharks. Thanks to the rivals for the good games and to our players for the excellent team game.
Together we are stronger!
17 Nov 2019
The first round at the Russian Floorball Championship
Today, "Sharks" returned to St. Petersburg.  We held 4 games at the Russian Floorball Championship and all of them won. The team showed a good result and excellent ambitions.

11 Nov 2019
President FBC "SHARKS" Ilya Zlunitsyn visited the representative office of the Arkhangelsk region in St. Petersburg
On October 31, 2019, President FBC "SHARKS" Ilya Zlunitsyn, together with Chairman of the Expert Council of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Peter Kazansky visited the representative Office of the Arkhangelsk region in St. Petersburg, where he met with the leadership of the representative Office.

5 Nov 2019
Immediately 2 wins collected "Sharks" in Sunday's trophies basket

Immediately 2 wins collected "Sharks" in Sunday's trophies basket :

On Saturday, in the next round of the championship of the Leningrad region in floorball was defeated by the team "Gatchina" - 14: 1, and on Sunday in the games of the Oxdog League under the hot hand were understudies "Varyag" - the team "24 TASTE", which were defeated with a score of 6: 1.

Go on!
3 Nov 2019
First round of the Open Championship Leningrad region
The day was interesting.

Despite the big sale in Arkhangelsk (adult players 25 and juniors 50 thousand each) on this snowy evening (yes, yes, we had snow in St. Petersburg!) FBC “Sharks” started off on their own in the first round of the Open Championship  Leningrad region.  The game ended with a landslide victory of 7:3 “Sharks” over “ Folk University”, still Champions of the region last year.

Meanwhile, the U2 Sharks unexpectedly lost to Monolith in the next round of the Oxdog League 2019, with a score of 5:3.  A real sensation!

It’s difficult to explain the defeat, they played very strange and uncertain today, and tomorrow there will be an unpleasant conversation between the coach and the team.  Someone can get into Bad five 2019 !!!

Friends, we need to get together somehow, you can’t upset our fans like that.
Together we are stronger!  
27 Oct 2019