Imperial floorball club "Sharks"


HB, Nastia
The author of beautiful photos and chronicles of the Club's victories, Nastya is our biggest assistant.
27 Jun 2023
IFBC SHARKS are 14 years old!
Yesterday IFBC SHARKS turned 14 years old. We have a difficult age.
26 Jun 2023
HB, Sergey Grebenshchikov!
Sergey Grebenshchikov - the rock on which the hopes of rivals are broken, the master of well-aimed blows and the author of beautiful combinations celebrates his Birthday today!
19 Jun 2023
HB, Igor!
Igor Trusov - Pupils of the SHARK military industrial Complex, the hope of the team, our good friend and true friend celebrates his birthday today !
13 Jun 2023
SPB OPEN final day
IFBC SHARKS lose 1:3 to NEVA in the SPB OPEN final.
12 Jun 2023
The second day of the SPB OPEN has ended.
Let's summarize the short results.
The main team of the Club is confidently moving towards the finals. There were difficult games, but today we have two victories to our credit - we defeated SKA in shootouts and played 3:2 with Neva, who have been sleeping anxiously for a long time and see in a dream how to annoy the SHARKS, how to finally win. We don't mind, because it's a sport, but no, not now, not in the coming years. There is no need to hurry).
11 Jun 2023
first game day of the SPB OPEN
We finish the first game day of the SPB OPEN in different ways.

The main team of the Club confidently beat Varyag, but the second game with the national team "Big Details" was unexpectedly missed, losing in the last seconds- 5:6.
10 Jun 2023
HB, Tema Tetnev!
Tema Tetnev - the bright star of the Imperial Club, the author of accurate passes and beautiful goals celebrates his birthday today
10 Jun 2023
HB, Dmitry Lipsky
Dmitry Lipsky, our good friend and experienced SHARK veteran, is celebrating his birthday today
26 May 2023
Andrey Chernyuk, is celebrating his birthday today.
Apollo Belvedere, the idol of the working Arkhangelsk youth, aka Andrey Chernyuk, is celebrating his birthday today.
18 May 2023
Vitaly Nekrasov is celebrating his birthday today.
The "flying Dutchman" of the SHARKS, he seems to be there for sure, but we rarely see him in training, and some juniors even ask: what team is he from?
13 May 2023
IFBC SHARKS- winners of the Unihoc Russia Cup ‼️
Did you doubt it? Well, yes, we were a little tired - 2 big wins, 2 titles in our Walk of Fame in just 4 days, but we coped, because we are Champions.
9 May 2023
IFBC SHARKS- winners of the St. Petersburg R-league season 2022/2023 ‼️
The fiery final with the St. Petersburg team "Neva", not only gave all the fans great pleasure, but also made them pretty worried. This year, it even came to free throws, in a series of which we were the best.
6 May 2023
HB, Dmitry!
Today our good friend, ambassador of the Imperial SHARKS in Slovakia and SK SLOVAN SHARKS captain Dmitry Rogatykh celebrates his birthday
29 Apr 2023
HB, Egor!
Today, someone has already bought a ticket to the Northern (and real) capital and is preparing to arrive at the Imperial Shark Base.
This is our birthday boy - Egor Balatsyr !!
25 Apr 2023
Nikita, HB!
If there were more golden stars in the SHARKS (except for the National Leader), Nikita Belyanin could become the brightest.
22 Apr 2023
SHARKS in the final of the St. Petersburg R- league !
Already 8 minutes after the start of our team's meeting with the beavers from Sestroretsk, the score exceeded 7 unanswered goals. And it seems that the rivals have accepted defeat. And then there was a complete defeat -14:2.
16 Apr 2023
Albert Arutyunov celebrating his bd today
Albert Arutyunov, our good friend and comrade, Vice-President of IFBC SHARKS, is celebrating today not only the Bright Resurrection of Christ, but also his birthday.
16 Apr 2023
Dear friends, we congratulate everyone
Dear friends, we congratulate everyone on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ.
16 Apr 2023
without intrigue
A convincing victory of the SHARKS - 7:2
9 Apr 2023