Floorball club "Sharks"

About us

The "Sharks" team ("Rosbank Sharks") was founded in July 2009. It was established after an in-company sport event of the JSC "Rosbank", where floorball was introduced by the enthusiasts from the Open Floorball League. Few weeks later first games started and simple trainings were launched. Alexey Shulikov was appointed the first captain of the team, for he was the only more or less experienced player.

Some instabilities in the line up did not prevent the team from developing, and in 2010 "Sharks" made their first appearance at the games of the Open Floorball League of Saint Petersburg, where it played with only limited success under the name of the Floorball Team of "Rosbank". In 2011 the "Sharks" floorball club organized a first tournament under the name of "Rosbank-Superblitz".

In 2012 the team gained additional experience at its first away games in Novgorod and Borovichi. New players joined the team: it was strengthened by Andrey Chernuyk from "Petromax", Dmitriy Rozhkov and Dmitriy Lipskiy from "Polytechnik", and Alexey Kushkov. This was how the first team of "Sharks" was formed; Albert Arutuynov was appointed goalkeeper of the team.

Soon after the away trip to the first international tournament in Melitopol (Ukraine) the team decided to change the format of the games and stop recruiting players on the in-company grounds. The team was joined by many promising players, the sports equipment was updated, the trainings were organized on a regular basis and the team established its own farm-club under the name of "Mad Salmons". Dmitriy Lipskiy was appointed new captain of "Sharks".

In the end of the season-2012 the team was sensationally joined by the leader of the national Russian floorball team Roman Druzhininskiy, who rocketed the development of "Sharks". The team also was strengthened by Evgeny Medvedev, Artem Chuchin and Andrey Rezviy.

The year 2013 was the year of fame for the team: "Sharks" won the Championship and the Cup of Saint Petersburg, gained the "Confederation Cup" in Minsk, carried off the "Border Cup 2013" in Estonia and the "Valga Cup" in Latvia, as well as the "White Nights of Saint Petersburg Cup 2013". At the year-end the majority of the players received the title of Candidate Master of Sports.

In 2014 "The Rosbank Sharks" was reorganized into the "Sharks" club by leaving out the bank-related prefix and changing the logo of the club twice. The club was joined by new goalkeepers - Martin Pshko (Slovakia) and Vasiliy Nazarov. At the Saint Petersburg Floorball Cup the club was represented by the mixed line-up gathered from both "Frantic Salmons" and "Sharks", which managed to perform in an interesting but controversial manner.

The year 2015 was the year of big changes. The line-up of the team suffered severe transformations; it was enlarged and joined by young and promising players: Pavel Semyonov, Mikhail Malashin, Alexey Roman and Denis Suvorov. The coaching staff welcomed Alexander Avtushenko, a bright representative of the Arkhangelsk floorball school.

In November 2015 "Sharks" underwent a registration process of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and became the only specialized private floorball Club in our country. All these changes resulted in a string of glorious victories and achievements of the Club in international tournaments, including a second place at the "Summer Cup 2015" in Helsinki and a first place at the "Border Cup 2015" in Valga (Estonia).

This year was also successful for the junior team of the Club, which performed a series of victories under the direction of Artem Chuchin at the Junior Tournament of Saint Petersburg, as well as at the tournaments in Veliky Novgorod and Nizhniy Novgorod.

It should be separately noted that the junior team of "Sharks" successfully took part into the biggest international tournament "Storveta Cup" in Uppsala (Sweden), where young players won silver medals and became the first junior team in Russian floorball to achieve such impressive results.

"Sharks" vigorously take part in away games and tournaments hosted in Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus; the team is the standard-bearer of the Federation of Floorball of Saint Petersburg.

The main slogan of the club is "Play with us!", which reflects the open-minded nature of the team.

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Club registration in
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